1. Cosmicam Navitas

2. Omega

3. Kosmonarchie

4. Licht Erlischt

5. Solvinden Blåser

6. Esoterik des Abgrundes

7. Supernova

8. Prinzip Des Geistes

9. Sieben

ATTENTION: We’re looking for a label who wants to release WHEN SUN DISAPPEARED in vinyl and/or cassette format. Interested labels get in touch:

Although WHEN SUN DISAPPEARED is our third full length album it is the beginning of a new era for SKADY.
The album is meant to be the first part of a series of three albums dedicated to a forlorn power in the infinite space.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Rosenquarz Tonstudio by Michael Hahn and Andreas Libera, Lübeck.
Album artwork by Christian Ermel, Berlin.

lineup on this record: Sorg (voc), Azkel (git), Antis (bs), Varr (git), Djerun (dr)

release date: 17th october 2014, through: Black Plague Records & Metallic Media



1. Vom Platz der stets im Nebel schwimmt

2. Irrlichter – Flammen im Moor

3. Ravnejuvet

4. The Rusty Blade Of Old Cold Steel

5. Winterfluch

6. Im Erwachen des Mondes

7. Verdammter Seelen letztes Grab

8. Arrival Of Endless Solitude

Written during the years 2009 to 2011. This record is more progressive and deep than the previous ones.

The tracks on MYSTERIUM were recorded in april/ may 2011 at the ROSENQUARZ studio in Lübeck.  Thanks to A. Libera and M. Hahn for helping us to realize this unique masterpiece of hatred and despair!

lineup on this record: Andras (voc), Azkel (git), Antis (bs, voc), Varr (git), Djerun (dr)

release date: 2nd dec 2011, through: ak



1. Einklang

2. Aus Wäldern

3. Treibjagd

4. Der Mühe Lohn

5. Oskorei

6. Furor Teutonicus

7. Thrymheim

8. Herbstwind

This is the first one. More rough and pagan than the second. But things are going on.  Written in 2008/ 2009 and recorded in may 2009 at the SHREDSOUND studio in Rostock. Thanks to S. Nevermann for recording/ mixing and mastering.

lineup on this record: Andras (voc), Azkel (git), Antis (bs, voc)

release date: 11th sept 2009,  through: ak



Well, this is the first ever published recording of the band and was made in january 2008. At this time, the band had no clear direction. We still love this demo – it reminds us on the chaotic beginning times of SKADY. Self released and limited to 66 handnumbered pieces.

lineup on this record: Azkel (git), Antis (voc), Blutfürst (dr)

release date: 2nd feb 2008